I’ll be fine, I sωᴇᴀʀ
                                        I’m just g σ η є
                                                         beyond repair

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          you’d be surprised,

                          what I’d do for love.

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                      I’m gonna show you what a ℓιттℓє gιяℓ’ѕ made of

                  Gunpowder and Lead

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Angsty Sentence Starters

  • "Stay back! I don’t want to hurt you."
  • "Run, before it gets us!"
  • "We have to hide."
  • "You should leave. Now."
  • "Oh god, is that blood?"
  • "Oh my god! That man’s insane!"
  • "Did you hear something?"
  • "What happened? Where are we?"
  • "What do you want with me?"
  • "I’m sorry! Please, don’t hurt me!"
  • "I’ll kill you. That’s not a threat; it’s a promise."
  • "How dare you!"
  • "Leave me alone."
  • "What do they want with us?"
  • "Help! Please, don’t leave me here!"
  • "I should’ve know it’d be you."
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            “What do you mean, you don’t know?
              You either are or you’re not. Which is it?”



"No, of course I’m not happy here. Who would be happy here?"

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Send a ♡ to hear how my character would tell your character that they loved them without actually using the word “love.”

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➳ {allmonstersarehumanx ; muse: vincent davis}

ASKED BY Anonymous.


Send me a ➳ and I will generate a number from 1-300 (yes, 300!) for what my muse will say to yours.


            “Are you happy here?”



"I don’t know."

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"I never said he was my friend.” 


"Klaus. His name is Klaus. It’s not that hard to forget. It’s a pretty unusual one.” 

"Then why are you trying to find him?"

"Klaus. Unique name. Never heard that one before, and if it’s unusual I probably wouldn’t remember it."

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"There’s something called patience, you may have heard of it?" {allmonstersarehumanx; character name:: vincent davis}

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 doesn’t ring
 a bell.”

"Well, learn the meaning of it…if you want me to find your friend."


"Whatever his name was."

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All of my muses bios are posted!! :D

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